Lavender Sachets

These sachets are filled with all natural lavender buds and oak moss (for filler) lightly infused with vanilla fragrance oil. The lavender fragrance should last for many months – herbs give off their scent when crushed, so a gentle squeeze of the sachet will help to refresh the scent.

The sachet ingredients are sewn into a muslin square that slips inside the sachet cover like a small pillow. This way the sachet cover can be re-used even when the fragrance fades. The sachet covers are made from 100% cotton fabric, embellished with hand-crocheted accents, ribbons, lace, buttons and beads!

Use these in your clothes drawers, linen closet, bathroom, car, etc., to bring the fresh clean fragrance of lavender with a hint of vanilla to any place you’d like! They make lovely gifts for any occasion! I used some as door prizes for a baby shower – they were a big hit!

Custom orders are available on request. Visit my Etsy shop to purchase sachets.

Click on images below for a close-up view.


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