Me!Hello! And welcome to my humble little home on the web. My name is Jennifer – I love all things hand-made: quilts, baby-blankets, meticulously crocheted doilies, hand embroidered details, and anything fresh and fun for the home. My style is very much vintage-inspired. I love anything that reminds me of times-gone-by. You’ll often find me in the linen section at antique stores and estate sales, dreaming up ways to re-purpose bits of linens and lace that have been discarded because of a spot or stain. Even with their flaws, these bits of the past are too precious to toss aside.

By day, I manage a small independent Christian bookstore. In the evenings, you’ll find me teaching piano to young aspiring musicians. I have 5 little students now and I’m planning my first ever recital for them. Now if they would just practice a bit more often…

When I have time to myself, you’ll either find me in the kitchen cooking or baking some new concoction, or creating something crafty, or behind the viewfinder of my camera. It’s my dream someday to be a full-time home-maker and run a small cottage business selling items I’ve created with my own two hands, with a bunch of little kids at my heals. Simple, right? Or maybe not…. For now, I have this little blog, which I don’t update often enough, and a new Etsy shop, which I should add to more often. If you’ve found me, it’s probably a miracle! =) I hope you’ll stay and read a while. Enjoy the photos and my quirky little anecdotes.

Thanks for stopping by!Jennifer


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