Flying Geese

This is another project I finished last fall…


I was going through this phase with triangles – I loved them (still do) and they kept popping up in my Pinterest feed so I decided to give it a try. (Does anyone else do this? Just me? Ok…) I found several tutorials online for making these “easy” flying geese blocks.


I did a sample block before heading to the fabric store to make my selection. The sample went fine. It went together quickly and accurately… I was psyched!


What I didn’t take into consideration was just how many triangles I would need to complete an entire quilt…

There are 128.


Sooo… saying this quilt took a little time is an understatement. Did I mention I was about 6 months pregnant at the time? About half-way through my back was killing me!


I know I told myself “never again,” but it turned out so much better than I envisioned!


Oh, and by some happy accident, I over-calculated how much fabric I needed, but just a little… Let’s just be honest, I bought almost double what I needed. I still have no idea how I mis-calculated by THAT much! But, that accident led to this…


I had to come up with a use for all that extra fabric. What did I do? Designed a whole new quilt using up my extra triangles!


I almost like this one better!


But it’s a tough call. You decide for yourself. : )


And be sure to check them out in the shop!


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