Late Night Crafting

Why is it that I can have the best of intentions, racking my brain for a gift idea weeks in advance, and still, the best inspiration hits one or two days before? When I have just enough time to complete the project… if I forsake all other things. Like eating and piles of laundry, and noticing the people around me even exist, and getting to bed before 2 AM? Never fails….

This is my first attempt at a business card holder – made up the pattern on my own and everything!

IMGP1058It needs a bit of tweaking – it’s a little bulky at the seams, and my top-stitching in the wee hours of the morning leaves something to be desired…. but, all things considered, it turned out pretty cute!



For now, it’s doubling as a gift card holder for a special friend to celebrate her birthday with lunch at one of her favorite places. : )


IMGP1057She’s starting up her own little design business – she’s done some pretty awesome work already, including the banner up there at the top of my blog : ) You will definitely want to start following her on Facebook – she’ll have her own site up and running soon, and an Etsy shop! Can’t wait!


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