Cinnamon-Chip French Toast

During one of my trips visiting my family in Nebraska this year or last year, my dear loving mother introduced me to Great Harvest Bread Company. I believe it was the pumpkin-chocolate-chip bread, to be specific. I’d heard the name before because there are a few stores here in St. Louis, I just had never been in one or tasted their wares.

So I made a point to check out our local stores, I think we have three all together. The Kirkwood store is about 15 minutes from where I work so that’s the one I frequent most often.

The best way to describe them is: Wow. If you’ve never been, you really, really, really should make a point to go check them out! I’ve never had anything there that I haven’t absolutely loved! On Friday I picked up a loaf of their artichoke parmesan bread. It makes very tasty grilled-cheese sandwiches! But what I like to do with it is put a layer of bruschetta spread on it (Trader Joe’s), sprinkle with some shredded cheese and put it in the toaster oven on broiler for a few minutes. Oh. My. Goodness. Amazing.

If you go, be sure to check out the menu on their website to find out what they’re baking that day. You really can’t go wrong with any choice, especially since they’ll let you taste anything before you buy it! Be sure to get a sample from their bread board! And when I say sample, I don’t mean a tiny square of a piece of bread small enough to fit in your mouth all at once. No no no, they give you an entire slice, and will even spread butter on it for you. Get a sample. Just do it.

One of their “regulars” is cinnamon chip bread. It comes in white and whole wheat. I like to make french toast with this. (I’ve made french toast with their cinnamon swirl and the apple swirl also!) That’s what we had for breakfast this morning….

My recipe:
5 eggs
3/4 c cream
1/2 c milk
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp nutmeg

A few notes: We get farm-fresh eggs so they’re a bit on the small side. If you’re using Grade-A large eggs, 4 is probably enough.

Cream. Use cream. I know, I know… but trust me. It’s better with the cream!

Why add cinnamon when there’s already cinnamon in the bread you ask? Because it’s cinnamon! Don’t you love cinnamon? Yes, of course you do. So add some more! I get mine at Penzey’s – along with my vanilla and nutmeg!

Whisk this all together really well for a fork while you wait for the frying pan to heat up and the butter to melt – yes, cook the french toast in butter. If you’re on a diet, you shouldn’t be eating french toast anyway. If you’re eating french toast, enjoy it. 🙂

Soak the bread really well in the mixture on both sides – I mix mine into a pie plate, it works well for the soaking. Then cook it on medium-low slowly so all the egg cooks up really well.

Serve it up with some crispy bacon and some syrup: 100% pure maple syrup! And coffee, of course. Always coffee.


Want a bite??

Sorry, the internet isn’t that sophisticated yet. But maybe someday.

Ahhh…. Happy Sunday! 🙂


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