A gift for Delaney

A sweet little girl named Delaney was just born!

Every time I know someone who’s having a baby I get this irresistible itch to make a baby blanket. It can be a close friend, or someone I just kind of know from a distance. I’m not sure if it’s because of the baby, or just because I like to make gifts…. and baby blankets are perfect because they’re so sweet and small. You’re done with them before you get tired or have time to make too many mistakes!

This little blanket was accompanied by a couple of my favorite children’s books….

Owl Babies is soooo adorable. It’s about three little baby owls, the youngest and smallest of which is named Bill. The line at the end of almost every page is ” ‘I want my mommy,’ said Bill”. And when you read it, you have to make a very sad face and use a very sad and pathetic sounding voice. I almost cry every time I read this… which is silly, I know. But it’s so darn cute!

A Boy and His Bunny – I know it’s about a boy and this gift is for a baby girl but I absolutely love the illustrations and the silliness of this book! It’s addicting! I want a bunny for my head!

Honey for a Child’s Heart is full of all sorts of good books for kids of all ages. Any time I need a recommendation I flip it open and start reading through the descriptions. There’s a version for women called Honey for a Woman’s Heart and I own that one as well. Have I mentioned that I love books?

But enough about the books, back to the blanket….

The back side is made from some very pretty pink fabric from the Bliss line by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics. I love this fabric! Very sad that you can’t get it any more.

The front is super soft Minky fabric in a turquoise color.

I used this tutorial for a self-binding blanket. It turned out pretty well… though I think it would be much easier made with flannel as the Minky tends to stretch a bit and pull and be overall a bit more difficult to work with. But it’s so irresistibly soft! Anyway, there are a few spots where things puckered up a bit, but that’s probably me just being a perfectionist. I top-stitched around the outside edge twice using my blind hem foot as a guide to get the lines nice and straight and even. I love the double-stitched look!

I also embroidered Delaney’s name on a little tag (made from a charm square of a different fabric from Bliss.) I just did a back stitch and some colonial knots. I was in a bit of a hurry, because, you know, I made this last night and I’m giving it away today…actually, I did the embroidery a few days ago, just assembled the blanket last night. That part took about 2 1/2 hours, including ironing & cutting, and cleaning up my mess afterward. Minky fabric sheds, did you know that? I think there will be turquoise tufts of fuzz in my kitchen for weeks now.

Hope she likes it!


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