Lavender Sachets

I’m so excited to share these with you here finally!

I made a nice big stack of Lavender and Vanilla scented sachets as party favors for a baby shower in August…. and I’m just now getting around to posting these photos!

Each one had a little “thank you” tag attached – which I cut out of scrapbook paper and stamped. I found the perfect lacy stamp at Michael’s!

These are some of my favorites…. I love the little touch of crocheted trim!

(Confession – I actually kept some of these for myself because they were too pretty to give away. I’m awful, I know. But they’re soooo pretty!!)

Some with lace!

Some with pretty vintage buttons from my stash.

Some with little crocheted doilies on them. I’m so thankful my grandmother taught me to crochet when I was young. It’s a skill I enjoy so much today! And I love making little gifts like these!

I made the sachets like tiny pillow cases – there’s an opening in the back. Then I used some inexpensive muslin to fill with lavender buds, sprinkled with a bit of vanilla fragrance oil. The lavender squares go into the cases – just like a pillow! That way, the sachet can be kept and refilled even after the fragrance of the lavender fades!

I made far too many of them, so I have lots of leftovers. I’ll be putting those into my Etsy shop soon. So you can have one for your own if you like!

Wish I could get the fragrance to waft through the computer screen for you. They smell so lovely!

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