Happy Birthday!

We celebrated my husband’s birthday last week! The festivities began at breakfast with a bacon-egg-cheese-croissant wheel (thank you, Pinterest) that was way yummy! And washed it down with some birthday cake – yes, for breakfast! 🙂

After our yummy breakfast, he opened a few presents.
One was a sweet hand-made gift from his daughter! : )
Then we hit the road! With nothing but beautiful blue skies! And pretty scenery – which is really hard to get a good photo of when you’re in a moving car with dusty windows.
We spent two restful nights at a B&B in Hermann, MO. Hermann is a great little town with several wineries, antique shopping, and good food!
Our first stop was Stone Hill Winery – I think this was our favorite!
 If you ever go, take the tour – it’s worth the $2.50 they charge you to see their cellars and learn a little bit of the winery’s history.
 I took a lot of photos this trip – over 300, I think? Had lots of fun playing with my camera!
The last stop on the tour is the tasting room!
We generally like the sweeter wines, sometimes we go for semi-dry. Our favorites at Stone Hill are the Concord and Golden Spumante (mixed with a little sparkling Raspberry juice, it’s exceptionally good!)
After all that wine, we were hungry. We had dinner at Stone Hill’s restaurant: Vintage 1847.
We had their special of the evening – chicken breast with mango salsa, potatoes au gratin and asparagus. Quite good! Their restaurant is set in an old horse barn – they kept the horse stalls in tact and use them as the booths. It makes for a unique dining experience!
On Friday we went to Hermannhof winery – another good stop! The folks here are very friendly and made good recommendations. It was hard to choose which wines to go home with! We ended up with a bottle of their Vignole (semi-sweet).
You’re free to take a self-guided tour of their cellar, located just below the tasting room & deli.
They have an outdoor wine garden where you’re welcome to bring a picnic lunch and drink a glass of wine while soaking up the pretty views!
They had a cute little bench in an alcove out back – we took photos of some other visitors there, and they took a few for us!
Next up was Adam Puchta! The wine tasting here was $5, but worth it in my opinion. They offer food pairings with their wines and give you little wine sticks to munch on as you sip.
We left here with the Adam’s Choice: a semi-sweet white, and the Jazz Berry: a very sweet red – much too sweet for my husband, but my girlfriends and I will enjoy it with some hot-fudge pudding cake!
We also enjoyed some down-time at the B&B.
Dave taught me how to play pool. I’m not very good, but it’s a lot of fun!
Some of the other highlights – there’s a great little coffee shop on the edge of town. We ended up getting a half pound of ground coffee and brewing it in our room – then went back so I could get some as a gift for my Dad. It made our car smell wonderful!
And I have to tell you how wonderful the bakery was! Oh my goodness! It smelled amazing – even before we walked in, you could just smell the wonderful sugary-ness! Definitely worth getting up a bit early to get the good stuff before it sells out!
Our last stop was at the Endless Summer winery – technically in Big Spring, not Hermann, but just a few minutes down the highway. They make all non-grape wines! Very interesting and unique. The flavor of the different fruits really comes out. They were all a bit dry for my taste, but we took a bottle of the Pecan home. I think it will be good with some apple juice or apple cider and maple syrup – or maybe with some mulling spices. We’ll have to experiment with this one!
There’s so much more to write about, but I think this post is already getting too long… and I think you’ve seen enough to know that we had a blast! Just one more photo, I promise!
This is my favorite photo from the whole trip.

Happy birthday, honey! I love you!


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