Felt Flowers

Have you ever tried a certain kind of craft and it turned out so dreadfully that you decided NEVER to try it again?
That’s how I was with felt flowers…. or pretty much any craft that relied heavily on the use of glue. Any kind of glue. Fabric glue, hot glue, craft glue… I can’t stand having it stuck to my fingers or seeing strings of it fall across a project. Just the thought of it makes me shudder a little.
I’m so glad that I gave the flowers another try this weekend! These turned out soooo pretty! And they were incredibly easy! I used no glue in assembling them – just simple needle and thread (and scissors of course). Even the bead-centers were sewn in. I did have to use fabric glue to attach them to the yarn wreath, but I don’t mind using glue so much when there aren’t small details involved.
I’ve become sortof addicted to yarn wreaths after having made a dozen of them as favors for a bridal shower. I really enjoy coming up with new color combinations and patterns. It’s very relaxing. I think felt flowers will be a new addiction. It’s good the two of them go together so well!
PS. – This wreath is for my mom – a belated Mother’s Day gift. I hope she likes it!

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